FORTIFIED Roof Program Application

Grant Overview
Background on SBP:

SBP exists to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. We believe that a prompt, efficient, and predictable recovery fortifies survivors against reaching their breaking point. SBP is committed to sharing resources and best practices that we have developed over the past 16 years with other nonprofits and community-based organizations. To learn more about SBP, please visit

SHARE Program Overview:

The SHARE program, SBP's in-house foundation, awards grants to qualifying nonprofit partners to address the unmet housing needs of under-resourced neighbors and communities. In addition to funding, the SHARE Program offers grantees technical training on topics such as how to implement the Toyota Production System, how to develop effective and efficient processes for volunteer management, case management construction, and contractor selection, and more. Additionally, the SHARE Program awards AmeriCorps member “slots” to qualifying organizations to help build capacity, launch new programs, or support existing efforts.

Grant details:

This grant awards up to $7,083 per home to local 501c3 nonprofits and community organizations providing repairs from Presidentially declared disasters in the last five years.  Funds can be used for the following purpose:
  • To pay a FORTIFIED Certified contractor to complete roof repairs.
    • Applicants are required to include a copy of the contractor’s certificate. If the applicant is not currently working with a certified FORTIFIED contractor, they will need to explain how they plan to identify and train the contractor.
  • To purchase supplies and materials necessary to complete required repairs to meet FORTIFIED Roof standards.
  • To hire a FORTIFIED Evaluator to provide oversight and inspection.
  • Applicants may include up to 15% for administrative or project management costs.
Nonprofit organizations repairing homes for the first time are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Applications are due by 5 pm ET on March 31, 2024 with awards being made by April 15, 2024.  All work funded though this grant must be completed by September 30, 2024.

**We strongly encourage participation in our applicant "kick off call" in March.  This call will review FORTIFIED standards and expectations as well as provide time to ask questions of IBHS, Smart Home America, and NGOs who have completed FORTIFIED roofs with SBP.  


By providing homes and families with FORTIFIED roofs, SBP, and its partners strengthen at-risk homes and neighborhoods and ensure vulnerable families preserve equity by protecting their most valuable asset from future perils, which helps to build more resilient communities.

Reporting Requirements:

We aim to track metrics that matter the most to SBP and our donors and to reduce complex and burdensome reporting requirements and focus on what matters the most so that your team has more time to create a client-centric rebuild program.

Contact: If you have questions or need assistance completing this application, please contact the SHARE Team at

Applicant Information

Organization Information

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Grant Funding Questions


Understanding Unmet Client and Community Needs

This grant is intended to support clients who are under-resourced and meet the following criteria. Grantees must demonstrate that each client funded through this grant meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently owns the damaged home: The home must be the homeowner's primary residence and the homeowner must have an ownership interest in the land and the home to be repaired
    • This is defined as: property owned by the household by Fee Simple Deed; Property owned in a Life Estate; Property owned through a Deed; Property owned in a Life Estate; Property owned through a recorded Contract for Deed in effect for at least five (5) years; Property leased via a recorded lease for a minimum term of ninety-nine (99) years; or a property in which they have a documented undivided heirs interest (documented by Wills or Affidavits of Descents connecting applicant to the last recorded owner).
  • Owned and lived in the damaged home prior to the disaster.
  • Does not own another home or residence
  • Has an income at/below 120% of Area Median Income (AMI).
  • Do not have the financial resources (insurance, savings, SBA Loan, and/or FEMA award) to repair their home: Funds are intended to meet eligible housing needs not already addressed by the household's insurance policy, any state or federal housing assistance, including but not limited to FEMA, or another funding source.
  • Not live in a floodway

Note:If you are not performing internal intakes and are receiving applicants through a referral agency, you are required to confirm that these agencies are only referring clients who meet the above criteria.

Construction Methodology Overview

We do not advise AmeriCorps members to install FORTIFIED Roofs

List the number of homes that will be completed by the dates below. All work must be completed no later than September 30, 2024.

Submission Approval